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Cross Platform
Programmers Editor utilizes Qt4's rich feature set to provide a complete cross-platform capability. This surely includes Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and anywhere else Qt4 can be installed!
The Programmer's Editor is nothing more than a modified QTextBox. Thats it! Customizable plugins add the rest of the editor's functionality.

Why? This is primarily due to the fact that everyone is different. Joe Programmer likes a feature-rich editor such as KDevelop, while Jim Developer likes a Vi-based -- "Get me in and Get me out fast" -- kind of editor. No single development tool should tell a programmer how it should be used. A plugin-dependant architecture allows each and every user to customize their own preferred level of complexity within the editor.
Everything down to the context menu (which, of course, is a plugin as well!) can be customized using a combination of easy to use databases and resource files.

Why? Once again, because Joe likes to have everything on his menus, toolbars, and panels. While Jim doesn't want any menus, toolbars, and panels and would rather do everything on a command line.
Syntax Highlighting
Qt4 is an amazing development tool which offers many features including syntax highlighting that make this editor possible. The Syntax Highlighting (being a plugin) is completely customizable, and can even be changed. For example, if you don't like our version, you can easily make your own because it is a plugin.
... And Much More
"If you build it, they will come..." This editor has no limits on what can be done. The editor itself is simply an API that allows everyone to build plugins to have the editor act anyway one would like.