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The Next Generation Of Text Editors...

Although rather abundant, graphical text editors, to date, have left much to be desired by programmers all over the world. Programmer's Editor is our answer: A development tool targeted specifically towards programmers.

What is a programmer? A programmer is someone who works on several different platforms (sometimes at the same time), someone who likes style, functionality, and customization all in one. A programmer looks for the best of both worlds. He/She wants his/her cake and to be able to eat it too.

The editor is completely blank until each user-chosen plugin is loaded
How does this apply to an editor? If you are looking for an editor that can be customized almost entirely, one that is cross-platform, and can include an infinite catalog of functionality, you will not find one that is open-source. Editors such as NEdit, Kate, Vim, jEdit each bring their own set of amazing features to the table. These particular features consist of macros, automated FTP file handling, column editing, and code completion. Until now, however, no single editor has combined all of the aforementioned components into a single text editor.

The Programmer's Editor is both a light and heavy weight, plugin driven, Qt4 based, stand-alone, feature rich editor designed to bring the best features of all editors into one.
Features At A Glance
  • Cross Platform: Supports Linux, Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Plugins: All features are implemented as plugins for dynamic feature additions and removals.
  • Completely Customizable
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Open Source
  • Its Free!
This project was first started in January of 2006 and should be coming out of its alpha stage by Summer 2006. Once a usable beta is released, we'll need many testers and plugin designers to help adding functionality to the editor. We plan on providing the alpha code by early March 2006, so keep checking back here if you're interested!

Want To Help?
You can contact me at rianquinn@hotmail.com. Once the Editor API is complete, programmers will be needed to help build plugins. Help is always needed. Thanks in advance.